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Michigan Thunders Lil'Bolts Program

For players aged 3-5

TRAINING PROGRAM – AGES 3 TO 5 (2015, 2014 & 2013) 

Our little bolts is a technical development program designed for children of ages 3, 4 and 5. The program aims to develop soccer specific fundamental skills such as basic motor skills, balance, coordination, foot-eye coordination and fundamental ball skills.

Little bolts builds strong fundamental foundations for physical skills, teamwork andinspires confidence at a young age in a successful atmosphere where learning is fun. It also gives the players the opportunity to play soccer, learn new skills and have an enjoyable sporting experience all whilst making new friends

A professional coaching staff will deliver this high-energy experience. Our goal is to provide a perfect introduction to the game of soccer while focusing on independence and enhancing your child’s overall growth and well being. You will see happy, confident children who are eager to learn and come back for more.



Michigan Thunder, in partnering with West Ham United, FC Barcelona and ISL Futbol,are delighted to provide developmental recreational soccer opportunities for local families through Dexter Community Recreation and Education ran by new club Director of Academy, Sean Myint and his professional coaching staff.

These programs allow young players the opportunity to work with excellent coaches to learn the game, have fun whilst practicing and playing together. Our programs emphasize soccer skills, teamwork, individual development and having fun. The philosophy of the Michigan Thunder Football Club is to give our young and aspiring soccer players the best possible development opportunity in preparation for their soccer experience.

Next session is Summer Camp!

Starting the week of SEPTEMBER 15th 

Little Bolts Sessions - September 15th, 22nd, 29th October  6th, 13th, 20th - 9:00 - 9:45 am

NOTE: If you sign up early or before the deadline of registrations, you are guaranteed a T-shirt at the beginning of the program. If you sign up late you will not receive a t-shirt but pay the same price!


LIL' BOLTS Timeline (Estimated Yearly Cycle)

  Fall Winter Pt 1 Winter Pt 2 Spring Summer Camp
  6 Weeks (Outdoor) 4 Weeks (Indoor - Court) 6 Weeks (Indoor - Court) 6 Weeks (Outdoor) 1 Week (4 sessions in a row)
Lil Bolts 6 x Training sessions (Fun Games) 4 x Training sessions (Fun Games) 6 x Training sessions (Fun Games) 6 x Training sessions (Fun Games) 4 x Training sessions (Fun Games)
Lil Bolts Session Duration 45 Minute sessions 45 Minute sessions 45 Minute sessions 45 Minute sessions 45 Minute sessions

NEW 2018


Front of the Lil' Bolts Training Shirt

Back of the Lil' Bolts Training Shirt